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Order The Test


Chronic Inflammation Test

Our process is easy. First, choose from the selection below and follow the simple steps to order and purchase your Chronic Inflammation Test. We’ll send you the test kit, and you’ll send us back the completed test. Finally, your Chronic Inflammation Score will be mailed to you a couple weeks later. Get started! 

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$87 / per test (price includes shipping)

Contact us online or call 316-558-5850 . A representative will respond to you to discuss the easiest method for you to provide the test to your patients and establish an account.

You will have the option to select either or both of the following methods to provide the test to your patients:

  1. Stock Chronic Inflammation test kits in your office to distribute to your patients directly.
  2. Instruct patients to visit our website to order the kit using a unique promo/tracking code, and we’ll send the test kit to them directly.

Additional Info

Your Chronic Inflammation Score will be mailed to you and may take two to three weeks following specimen mailing.

We recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner for test interpretation and any additions and/or changes to your therapeutic program.

If you would like us to provide a copy of your test results directly to your healthcare provider, please provide their contact information on the test request form in the test kit box. By providing their contact information you are giving Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc. permission to provide them with your test results.

Test kits ordered online will be mailed first class (postage paid) to you, taking four to five days. You will then follow the instructions using the supplies provided in the test kit to collect your sample and mail it to the laboratory using the prepaid, return postage label.

This test is currently not available in the States of MD, NJ, NY and RI.