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Order The Test


Chronic Inflammation Test

Our process is easy. First, choose from the selection below and follow the simple steps to order and purchase your Chronic Inflammation Test. We’ll send you the test kit, necessary paperwork and you’ll send us back the specimen and completed paperwork. Finally, your Chronic Inflammation Score will be emailed to you. Get started today! 

I am a:
$87 / per test (price includes shipping)

Create a New Account:

Contact us online or call 316-558-5850  A representative will respond to you to discuss the easiest method for you to provide the test to your patients and establish an account. You may also set up your account online. Complete New Account Form and send to us via email at admin@inflammatorymarkerslab.com

 Click Here to Download New Account Form

You will have the option to select from the following methods to provide the test to your patients.  All options include the ability for practitioner only to receive score results and/or practitioner and patient to both receive score results. If you don't see what works best for your practice, give us a call and we will see if we can modify to assist you:

Option #1:  Patient Requisition - Clinic Pay

  • Clinic creates account with IML and receives special guaranteed pricing.  Discount varies based on volume. IML will utilize the authorized clinic credit card on file and process upon each receipt of specimens.
  • Clinic orders individual tests from lab with patient information on test requisition and IML send test kit directly to patient with a copy of original clinic requisition
  • Clinic collects test fee directly from patient

Option #2: Advance Purchase - Clinic Pay

  • Clinic orders test kits from IML and receives BEST pricing available.  Discount varies based on annual volume.  IML will utilize authorized clinic credit card on file.
  • Intitial order of tests kits is a minimum of 5 kits
  • Clinic collects test fee directly from patient
  • Clinic may order more tests via email at info@inflammatorymarkerslaboratory.com to receive additional test kits

Option #3:  Online Patient Ordering Only- Patient Pay

  • Clinic refers patients to www.chronicinflammationtest.com to order test online and follows online ordering steps
    • Select Patient/Consumer button
    • Enter Unique Promo/Tracking Code for your practice and click "Apply" ( A clinic discount is 7.5% on all tests)
    • Select number of tests and click "Add to Cart"
    • Patient then completes "Check Out" with their credit card and shipping info
  • IML sends test kit directly to patient with instructions for completing test and returning to lab

Option #4:  In Office Distribution and/or Online Patient Ordering - Patient Pay

  • IML will send test kits to the clinic at no charge to be distributed in office to ensure better patient compliance
  • Patient will complete Test Request Form, including payment information
  • Sample may be collected in clinic or in patient's home 
  • Patient payment information will be processed when sample is received at the laboratory 
  • Clinic may order more test kits via email at info@inflammatorymarkerslaboratory.com or instruct patients to order online with your unique practice promo code at www.chronicinflammationtest.com

Additional Info

Your Chronic Inflammation Score will be reported via email unless otherwise specified. Please indicate if you would like an alternate delivery method on your Test Request Form which you will complete upon receipt of your Chronic Inflammation Kit. Your Chronic Inflammation Score may also be mailed to you via USPS upon request.

We recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner for test interpretation and any additions and/or changes to your therapeutic program.

If you would like us to provide a copy of your test results directly to your healthcare provider, please provide their contact information on the Test Request Form. By providing their contact information you are giving Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc. and Inflammatory Markers Laboratory permission to provide them with your test results.

Test kits ordered online will be mailed first class (postage paid) to you, taking four to five days. You will then follow the instructions using the supplies provided in the test kit to collect your sample and mail it to the laboratory using the prepaid, return postage label.

This test is currently not available in the States of MD, NJ, NY and RI.