Services Disclaimer

Services Disclaimer


Disclaimer of Services

When you access this website, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Please do not consult this website unless you agree to hold Creative Clinical Concepts, Inc (CCC) harmless for any errors or omissions.

We offer and provide laboratory products and information to approved health care providers intended for education, information and wellness monitoring. We do not provide diagnosis, treatment, or medical services of any kind. Any information contained, transmitted or received from CCC is not intended as a replacement for a physician’s consultation. CCC encourages increased awareness and taking an active role in healthcare, consulting and working with qualified and experienced health care providers. CCC specifically disclaims any expressed or implied warranties or merchantability of fitness for any specific usage, application or purpose. CCC does not recommend any type of self-diagnosis or treatment and no information contained within this web site or presented by CCC or its representatives may be construed, implied, or interpreted as a recommendation of self-diagnosis or self-medication.

Laboratory results may be affected by a myriad of conditions depending on age, sex, time of day, diet, medications, and the limits of modern medical technology being used. A single laboratory test or group of test is not a guarantee of good health. False positive and negative test results are possible and the decision to re-test or request additional testing is the exclusive responsibility of the health care provider.

We do not sell or provide secure information concerning our clients to any third parties and no client information is kept on a publicly available computer system.

CCC is not liable for any loss or injury as a result of obtaining, interpreting or reporting information through this web site. CCC in no event shall be held liable to anyone for any decisions made or actions taken or not taken in regard to information obtained from this web site, laboratory results, or representatives of CCC. Any material obtained online is not intended to represent any type of medical advice and CCC makes no claims with respect to accuracy, reliability, or usefulness of the content.